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EARLOBE:  We treat the ear lobe just like any other piercing.  We follow the exact same universal precautions designed to prevent the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis and other blood borne pathogens.  We install the absolute best jewelry available on the market, made out of implant grade metals, palladium based gold, or Pyrex appropriately sized for the person who is receiving the piercing. Even if you have severe metal allergies, you don’t have to compromise your style.

With all that said – we DO NOT condone the use of ear piercing guns and will never, ever use one to pierce any part of any person’s body.

Since we do not use ear-piercing guns, you have a wide range of jewelry options to choose from!  You can wear rings, circular barbells, straight barbells (these resemble “studs” from the front) or an array of glass plugs.   We have different metals, colors and sizes.  There truly are a lot of options!

Minimum healing time: 10 weeks



HELIX:  Placed straight through the upper part of the ear cartilage, these piercings are so cool in that there are so many options for placement.  Each ear is individual and you can get creative with location, angle and jewelry options. We will work with you to find the best spot or spots for the piercing you desire.

Helix piercings take a bit longer to heal than an earlobe and special care needs to be taken in order for them to look and feel their best. With some dedication on your part you can heal new piercings on both ears at the same time. It’s not a bad idea to have them done one ear at a time, however.  That way your tender piercings can heal without being aggravated by telephones or being slept on.

Minimum healing time: 4 months


FORWARD HELIX: Following the curve of the helix until it connects with the head, the forward helix is a delicate and beautiful piercing.  With the correct anatomy, multiple piercings can be placed in this small area and with the multiple jewelry options available  the effect can be dramatic. Much like the traditional helix, special care needs to be observed during the healing process to help this piercing look and feel it’s best.

Minimum healing time: 4 months


ANTI-HELIX: Also known as a SNUG. This piercing goes from the front side of the mid-helix through to the front side of the conch. They are almost always healed with a curved barbell with a good amount of extra length because they tend to swell up like little bananas.

Minimum healing time: 8 months


FLAT: Placed in the flat part of the upper helix. This term is usually reserved for large gauge piercings. Large flat piercings should be considered permanent.

Minimum healing time: 8 months


CONCH: Placed in the center of the ear between the anti-helix and daith, this piercing can be placed several different ways vertically or horizontally. It can be done as small as an 18 gauge or as large as the space in your ear allows. Generally maxing out around a 0 gauge for the initial piercing they can be stretched to an inch or more.

Minimum healing time: 4 months


TRAGUS: This attractive piercing is fairly common and is properly named after that specific part of the ear. Placed through the tragus (flappy thing in the front of the ear), these piercings are normally healed with a disk back labret stud or barbell and can be changed to a ring after it’s healed.  The plural form of tragus is tragi.

Minimum healing time: 4 months


ANTI-TRAGUS: Placed through the hump of tissue above the ear lobe opposing the tragus.

These piercings usually heal best with a curved barbell but can accommodate other types of jewelry once completely healed.

Minimum healing time: 6 months


DAITH: Placed in the small part of the ear between the tragus and the rook. These piercings look great with a larger diameter ring but can also be healed with a curved or circular barbell or a smaller diameter ring.

Minimum healing time: 6 months


ROOK: The rook is just behind the forward helix and above the daith and conch. These piercings heal the quickest with a curved barbell. Rings have a tendency to stick out like a door that is ajar so a circular piece of jewelry would be best worn after the piercing has completely healed.

Minimum healing time: 6 months



INDUSTRIAL:  The most traditional form of an industrial is a straight barbell through the upper forward helix continuing down to transverse through the mid-helix. However, “industrial” describes any two or more piercings in the ear connected by a single straight or curved barbell. There are a multitude of possibilities with this piercing.

Minimum healing time: 12 months


ORBITAL:  Similar to the industrial, an orbital doesn’t have a particular placement in the ear. “Orbital” is generally used to describe any two or more piercings connected by a single ring.

Minimum healing time: 12 months




EYEBROW: Eyebrow piercings are quick to heal and when placed correctly will compliment the shape of the face quite well. This piercing is usually healed with a curved barbell. Depending on anatomy, however, you may have the option of either a ring or even a straight barbell. We have many different options in each category for you to choose from.

Minimum healing time: 2 months


BRIDGE:  Placed in the upper bridge of the nose between the eyes. Not everyone has appropriate anatomy for this piercing, but a well healed bridge piercing adorned with tasteful jewelry can be subtlety stunning.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



NOSTRIL:  A nostril piercing can be delicate, bold or anywhere in between. We suggest that you leave your initial jewelry in for no less than 4 months ( 6 months is ideal ) before having your body piercer show you how to change it. The great thing about a nostril piercing is the vast amount of jewelry that can be worn in it. From nostril screws to flat-backs to rings you are sure to find something you love.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



SEPTUM: The septum piercing is the only facial piercing that can be completely hidden from view (even during the initial healing process). Pierced through the soft thin piece of skin towards the tip of the nose, you can comfortably wear a retainer, circular barbell or a captive bead ring during the healing process. Quick to heal and relatively painless to receive the septum can truly compliment the right nose.

Minimum healing time: 2 months


Oral piercings swell and as a result the jewelry that is initially worn needs to be long enough to compensate.  After the initial healing period is complete, we strongly suggest that you visit your body piercer to have your jewelry downsized.  The cost is minimal (just the cost of a shorter bar) and the benefits are immeasurable.

Keep your teeth, gums and dentist happy – downsize your jewelry!



TONGUE: The tongue, just like all other oral piercings, is pierced with jewelry that is long enough to compensate for swelling.  As a result of this long jewelry tongue piercings get a bit of a bad reputation.  We cannot stress enough the importance of getting a shorter barbell post once your piercing is healed.  In order to receive the best fit we suggest that you wait 3-4 weeks to downsize.

Minimum healing time: 4 weeks



TONGUE WEB:  Placed in the thin webbed tissue underneath the tongue behind the frenulum of the tongue. This piercing can be healed with a straight barbell, curved barbell, or a ring.

Minimum healing time: 4 weeks


SMILEY: Placed in the frenulum of the upper lip. A straight or curved barbell can be worn in it, but it only shows nicely with a ring.

Minimum healing time: 4 weeks



MONROE: Sometimes called a Marilyn, is an upper lip piercing meant to resemble a Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark.  Pierced with a disk back labret post, the Monroe is an attractive piercing that draws attention to the lips/mouth.

Minimum healing time: 3 months



CHEEK: These little dimple makers take a bit longer to heal than other oral piercings but with a little bit of patience & gentle care they will, more likely than not, make you very happy.

Minimum healing time: 12 months


LIP: Lip piercings are pierced below the lip line, either on the side or in the center.  When placed relatively close to the lip, a ring or circular barbell can be comfortably worn.  That is not to say that you can not wear a disk back labret post because those are really comfortable when placing the piercing a little bit lower.  We will show you your different options and discuss the pros and cons of each option depending on where you would like your piercing placed.

Minimum healing time: 3 months


LABRET: Pronounced \La bret\ – get that “T” in there kids; there is nothing French about this piercing’s origins. The Labret can be placed either in the traditional center position with a disk back labret post or vertically with a curved barbell.

We have a HUGE selection of jewelry and ends you can choose from to adorn your new piercing – gems, balls, domes, spikes, etc. etc. in a variety of sizes and colors.  You’re sure to find something that fits your personality.

Minimum healing time: 3 months

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VERTICAL LABRET: Normally pierced with a curved barbell.  The lower bead is normally placed below the bottom lip and the top ball is placed on top of the lip so that both beads are noticeable when your mouth is closed.

Minimum healing time: 2 months


PHILTRUM: Also known as the Medusa, it is basically a labret piercing placed on the upper lip.

Minimum healing time: 2 months



These piercings are Freaking Awesome, but should definitely not be entered into lightly because of the risk of rejection. With many piercings there is a chance that the body will add new layers of skin below the jewelry resulting in the piercing being sloughed off (rejected) but none so probable as a piercing placed on a flat surface.

There are many “cute” names for these piercings (as well as others) but we’re just going to identify them by the jewelry that is inserted. 




SURFACE PIERCING: This is pierced with a surface bar which is shaped like a staple and has two removable ends.  This piercing can easily be removed when the piercee is ready to be done with it by simply unscrewing the ends and taking the jewelry out.  The options for placement are slightly less than if a person chooses to wear a Surface Anchor.

Minimum healing time: 4 months


SURFACE ANCHOR: Also known as a microdermal, this is a single point piercing.  These can not be removed easily and many times require the assistance of your body piercer.

Minimum healing time: 4 months



NIPPLE: What can be said about the nipple piercing except, “Oh Yeah!”  When placed properly, these private little goodies increase sensitivity, look sexy and feel great!

The type of jewelry that is best to wear during the healing process is really up to the individual’s anatomy.  We will go over jewelry options with you – ring vs. barbell – as well as diameter / gauge of jewelry to be worn.

Many questions normally arise when talking about nipple piercings such as:

Can I still breastfeed? Yes

Will the jewelry show through my clothes? Only if you want them to

Does it hurt?  Yeah, but not as bad as you might think. Think of it like a titty twister or someone biting your nipple.

We will go over every question you may have about receiving and healing your piercing.  We do like to talk about body piercings and we’re here to help.

Minimum healing time: 6 months (female) 3 months (male)


NAVEL: The navel piercing is perhaps one of the most recognized body piercings in western society dating back several decades.  Private, pretty and somewhat challenging to heal, the navel piercing can truly test one’s patience.

Not every person is properly suited to receive a “traditional” navel piercing (top of the navel, centered vertically) and we have found that many people’s frustration with healing this piercing can be easily resolved by proper placement.  We will discuss with you, in detail, where the best spot on your body to place this piercing, provided you are built for it. We will also go over jewelry options and proper care to ensure you have the most trouble free healing process possible.

Minimum healing time: 6 months

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